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Plancton Algán - The essence of sea - FROM THE SEA TO YOUR TABLE


Plancton Algán al día
Manitas Mar y Tierra de José Primo Costa

Manitas Sea & Earth

José Primo Costa (Chef of Cyrus Dad) brings us a recipe that mixes two concepts, the land (pig’s trotters) and the sea (Plankton Algán) in a delicious dish. The Pig`s Trotters We cook trotters in a pressure cooker and reserve them. In a cold pan, sauté the tomatoes, onion, garlic cloves, add salt, pepper and […]

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Tacos del mar

Tacos of Sea

Aitor Calatatayud (chef of the Bandarra Bar) teaches us to prepare some simple but very tasty tacos with Algán, try them, they will surprise you!. Elaboration We chop the chaplain and the ñora and reserve. Mix the Algan with the egg yolk, emulsify with the sunflower oil and add salt. Add the mayonnaise of Algan […]

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Curryplancton con clóchinas

Curryplankton with mussels

Elaboration After washing and peeling the garlic, onion and carrots, chop them into small pieces, put the EVOO in a pot and lightly brown these three ingredients, add the green apple washed and unpeeled, chopped into small pieces, once golden, add the wine white and let cook 5 minutes. We add the coconut milk and […]

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Melon del mar

Melon of sea

Melon and Kombu seaweed We extract the melon in the form of balls with the help of a proper tool, we introduce them in a vacuum bag with 1g of Algan hydrated previously and we reserve 24 hours in the refrigerator. We cook the seaweed kombu in a saucepan and once to the point we […]

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Gin-Tonic de Plancton Algan

Gin-Tonic of Plankton Algán

Elaboration We wash the ice to remove the frost and any other possible flavor. Fill the ice cup to the edge and cool it by turning the ice until it begins to cool the cup, frosting the glass. With the help of the strawberry sieve, remove the residual water from the cup. In the jigger […]

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Arroz Planctonico

Planktonik Rice

Elaboration Chop finely the onion, put it in a low pot along with the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and simmer until it is well poached, add the chopped squid the size of the grain of the rice, cook it 5 minutes and add the salmorreta sauce, then add the rice , cook it for a […]

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Ñoquis de Plancton Algán

Gnocchi, Dashi of Plankton and Mackere

Dash of Plankton and Mackerel We put a bucket with 200ml to the fire, add the katsuobushi once boiling and let infuse 20 minutes. We hydrated 1g of Algán in the obtained broth and we reserve. We matured the mackerel in a saline atmosphere for 1 month, and then let it dry under the sun […]

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Arroz con leche y esencia de mar

Rice with milk, Cucumber and Sea essence

Elaboration Put the rice, milk, orange and the slices of apple in a saucepan and cook over low heat for 30-40 minutes stirring constantly. After 10 minutes add the sugar, and continue stirring until we have a creamy texture and let it warm. We reserve a part of the creamy milk to decorate the dish […]

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Planctoneta de cordero

Planktoneta of Lamb

Elaboration The night before we mixed 10g of Algán with the EVOO and we marinated the lamb loin and let it rest cold all night until the time to cook it. Finely chop the onion and carrot, put to simmer along with the bones of lamb, bay, cloves and black pepper, once golden add water […]

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