We are proud to have the collaboration of recognized chefs in the sector who help us with their creations to discover new flavors and experiences with Algán.

Sergio Sierra Heredero


Sergio Sierra

Chef from Alicante who owns 3 of the best bars in Alicante: El Portal, Teatro Bistrot and Manero

El Bandarra

Aitor Calatayud

El Bandarra is a bar concept. It is an open kitchen, where the show cooking is the protagonist. Chef Aitor Calatayud, went through the best cooking schools in the country, Hofmann (Barcelona), Basque Culinary (San Sebastian) and Michelin star restaurants.

Aitor Calatayud
José Primo Costa

Cyrus Dad

Jose Primo

Chef of the Restaurant Cyrus Dad (Puerto de Sagunto), self-taught, passionate and with progression in the world of gastronomy.

El Passatge

Fernando García

Chef of El Passatge and great specialist in Traditional Seafood Cuisine in which he has spent years, not with few efforts, trying to recover his true essence with truly satisfactory results.

Fernando García