Gin-Tonic of Plankton Algán


We wash the ice to remove the frost and any other possible flavor.

Fill the ice cup to the edge and cool it by turning the ice until it begins to cool the cup, frosting the glass.

With the help of the strawberry sieve, remove the residual water from the cup.

In the jigger (meter) hydrate Algan with gin to infuse at room temperature (0.125 grams of Algan for each cup of gin-tonic).

In the glass with ice we add one leave of mint without breaking it. Next, we put the infusion of Gin and Algan and adding the tonic subtly so that it retains the bitterness and does not break the bubble.

Let it rest a few moments until it begins to sweat the glass on the outside. This indicates that it is at the point to start savoring the sea in our gin-tonic.