Manitas Sea & Earth

José Primo Costa (Chef of Cyrus Dad) brings us a recipe that mixes two concepts, the land (pig’s trotters) and the sea (Plankton Algán) in a delicious dish.

The Pig`s Trotters

We cook trotters in a pressure cooker and reserve them. In a cold pan, sauté the tomatoes, onion, garlic cloves, add salt, pepper and 3 cayenne. Once we have the stir-fry we add the trotters with the desired amount of water and cook them during 20 minutes.

We separated the trotters from the bottom and clean them well. Bone the trotters and place them on a tray. We add 3g Algán previously hydrated, stir well to impregnate the trotters with the Algán and with the help of a film we make cylinders avoiding air inside.

We refrigerate the cylinders 24 hours and we will have them ready to cut it, heat it and serve it.

Gel of Plankton Algán

We crush the juice mixture of the trotters and press it in a serge.

We add 2g of Algán hydrated previously with the juice and mix it well. We add 1 / 2g of Xantana, crush it with the help of a blender and reserve.


We cut the trotters roll in slices of 3 centimetres, heat a frying pan over strong fire to heat and fry the slices a couple of minutes on both sides. Heat the gel and paint the plate, place the trotters in the centre and spill the gel on the plate. We add a bit of salt of Algán (recipe of Salt of Algán) and place a couple of truffle slices.