Melon of sea

Melon and Kombu seaweed

We extract the melon in the form of balls with the help of a proper tool, we introduce them in a vacuum bag with 1g of Algan hydrated previously and we reserve 24 hours in the refrigerator.

We cook the seaweed kombu in a saucepan and once to the point we crush the remaining melon and the seaweed with the help of a blender, we pass it through a strainer and we reserve it.

Foam of Algan

We mix in a bowl, with the help of a blender, 250ml of water melon, birch sugar, cream fat, 1g of Algan (previously hydrated) and 40g of cold soda pro-espuma.

Once we have the homogeneous mixture we introduce it in a siphon, we put 1 load of gas, and we move it and reserve it in the chamber.

Chocolate and plating

Heat 200 g of white chocolate in a bain-marie, once melted, add 1 g. Plankton Algán, we move it to get a green granulate. The plankton is usually hydrated before use, in this case we will dilute it in the chocolate obtaining an earthy and green texture. Pour the chocolate in a silpat and with the help of a spatula spread the mixture well and reserve in the refrigerator.

Place melon balls in the bottom of the plate, add the plankton melon foam in the center, break the chocolate slices and decorate them on top.