Planktoneta of Lamb


The night before we mixed 10g of Algán with the EVOO and we marinated the lamb loin and let it rest cold all night until the time to cook it.

Finely chop the onion and carrot, put to simmer along with the bones of lamb, bay, cloves and black pepper, once golden add water to cover and let it cook for 2 hours.

We remove the lamb bones and we go through a blender and then through a fine mesh sieve to obtain a creamy sauce, we put the sauce on the fire again and add 10g Algán, we give it a
little boil and remove from the heat.

For the creamy of goat we mix 50g of cream and 50g of goat cheese in a pot and put it to a boil until it breaks to boil, we go through the blender until there is a fine mixture and we will keep it cold.

We remove the lamb tenderloin from the EVOO and Algán marinade, drain well and seal in a pan until browned.


Put the hot plactoneta in the bottom of the plate, add 3 points of the creamy goat around it and in then middle, put the loin of lamb sealed and hot, on the creamy spots we will put some micro vegetal.