Planktonik Rice


Chop finely the onion, put it in a low pot along with the EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) and simmer until it is well poached, add the chopped squid the size of the grain of the rice, cook it 5 minutes and add the salmorreta sauce, then add the rice , cook it for a few seconds and add the amontillado, let it cook until the alcohol evaporates, meanwhile we have in another pot the broth of hot whitebait, we are wetting the rice little by little, that is never left without broth of whitebait, the first 5 minutes over high heat and then put on a low heat, we never stop stirring, after 14-16 minutes it will be the necessary time to cook the rice, take it out of the heat and add the butter cut in small cubes together with the Algán.

We add the rice until we achieve the desired creaminess.


In the deep chosen dish we put the amount of desired planktonic rice and on it a few garlic-oil sauce points, to finish it, we put the grated lemon rind over the garlic oil sauce at the moment to  obtain all its fresh taste.